LordSaber's Spiritual Page

Over the past few years, I've become much more interested in the so-called "spiritual realm." To this end, I've also become interested in Wicca. While there seem to be countless variations of Wicca/Paganism, and countless stories of how it all started, I find that it speaks to me.

It may not speak to you, and that's all right by me. We all have to find the spiritual path that works best for each of us. Different religions of the world may strongly disagree on certain issues, but we all have to learn to respect each other's beliefs.

Since I've chosen this path for myself, I've noticed my "psychic abilities" have become much more pronounced in the last few years. It's apparent there's a reason that I've chosen this path.

Here are some sites that may be of help to you if you're considering this path or one similar.

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